Carlos Maria Romero and Juan Betancurth

What I saw last night. Carlos Maria Romero and Juan Betancurth at Abron Arts Playhouse Theater.IMG_3358 The performance begins in the lobby where the usher leads the audience up the stairs and then down through the bowels of the art center like the scene in Spinal Tap where the band can’t find the stage. After coming full circle, we are brought to the stage where two men are chained together in an awkward pose of fulcrums and weights. Audience members are imposed upon to untangle them. When free they call for volunteers to roll out and roll back up flooring. There is show and tell with various objects of a sexual or sinister nature and fog is periodically blasted onto the stage.

Elements: fog, chains, leather, railroad spikes, glass dildo, crops, chairs, rolls of flooring etc.


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