Juilliard Dance

What I saw last night. Juilliard Dance at City Center. IMG_3825The first piece is really four dances that seem in no way related. There is a duet to Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” sandwiched between a dance for men in long skirts and a running dance with percussive drums. I forget what the last dance was. The second was like the game of centipede. Dancers in street clothes stood in a long line and fell away one at a time. Occasionally the chain would break and there would be a solo. The third piece was also in skirts and featured a lot of running. The final piece is an old Pina Bausch but does not have much of her humor or big props and sets. Instead it seems to be a grim reflection on somebody who died. An empty bed is featured and I suspect the dancers represent the ghost of the departed flitting back and forth through the screens on the stage.

Elements: camera, snow, bed, live music, scrims
Titles:Nakamuraya” by Takehiro Ueyama “Torrent” by Brian Brooks “Seeds of Endurance” by Darrell Grand Moultrie “Wind von West” by Pina Bausch
IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0008


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