Elena Demyaneko and Dai Jian

What I saw last night. Elena Demyaneko and Dai Jian at New York Live Arts. IMG_4068In the first part two men mirror each other with one more in the shadows. IMG_4069The stage has strings around it that form the outline of a room. Sometimes they look like beams when lit up. The next part a man and a woman move slowly and freeze positions often. They have a well planned wrestle and inchworm about the space. Another woman joins in for a portion and then leaves. There is also some kind of clothes line that is pulled over the audience and eventually collapses (I am not sure if that is deliberate) and a shoe that swings like a pendulum when pushed.

Elements: speaking in foreign languages, string, shoe, colorful lighting
Titles: “Blue Room” “Raw Nerves” “Deja Ve – As a solo”


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