Brooklyn Ballet

What I saw last night. Brooklyn Ballet at the Actors Fund Arts Center. IMG_4149The first piece I can’t really remember anything about it. The second piece had three women. One in pointe shoes one in heels and one barefoot. In the third piece we were forced to draw names out of a basket so that the order of solos and duets could be determined. There was some improvisation for moving on a theme involving vectors. A lot of background for a negligible result. The final pieces were from a new Nutcracker. IMG_4153In the first a large bald man slouches in a chair looking at a projection of a bridge. Eventually he rises to reveal lighting strips on his sweatshirt that blink as he moves. Reminded me of the blinking sneakers children get. The final piece was the snow fairies. They had lights beneath their skirts that actually did bring to mind the idea of snow. They were joined by young children snow fairies that while extremely keen did not make thing saccharine.  

Elements: led lights attached to clothing, audience participation, projections
Titles:“The Solitude” “3 Marys” “Quilt/One Night Stand” “The Brooklyn Nutcracker” “Drosselmeyer 1.0” “Snow”

IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0004 IMG_0005


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