Ballet Preljocaj

What I saw last night. Ballet Preljocaj at Lincoln Center. IMG_4166A long dance done mostly in the dark without intermission. Snow White sits on a kind of Lifeguard chair watching others dance. This is after a long scene in which she is born in the fog. Eventually she returns to the floor has a long dance with her prince and a red scarf. Somehow she ends up in a cave where the dwarves/miners bungee jump out of holes and into her heart. The evil stepmother shows up and shoves a heart in her mouth until she passes out. Then the prince shows up and tosses her about until she finally wakes. There is much rejoicing except for the stepmother who is captured and forced to dance until she is dead. Fin.

Elements: fog, darkness, horns, nudity, climbing wall, ropes & pulleys, heart, fake rocks, mirror, cat costumes
Titles:“Snow White”


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