Gillian Walsh & Rebecca Patek & Alan Calpe

What I saw last night. Gillian Walsh & Rebecca Patek & Alan Calpe at the Kitchen. IMG_4332In the first piece five people read numbers and letters aloud and make specific movements. The show is repeated after an intermission. The second piece features a man and woman with interviews and running on a treadmill. It also has something to do with the “Leopold and Loeb” killing. The final piece was like a dance by the A/V club. Screens were pushed around the perimeter of the space while projections of people running were shown. It concludes with dance scenes from various films on several screens. A Cinema Paradiso of dance.

Elements: reading, film, talk, treadmill, house frame, chairs
Titles:“Hasbro Procedures: Working in The Kitchen” by Gillian Walsh “I heard it was alright (pause 2 seconds). I mean (pause for 1 second), I’m interested to see where it goes.” by Rebecca Patek “” by Alan Calpe
IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0004


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