Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

What I saw last night. Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker at Gerald W. Lynch Theater at John Jay.Steve Reich & anne teresa de keersmaeker A duet in four parts. In the first part two women turn from side to side for some time layering on additional movements as time passes. In the second part they are seated in chairs wearing work clothes and making repeated gestures like they are on the assembly line. The third part is a solo where she swirls about the stage often flinging her skirt into the air. In the final part the two are reunited at the back of the stage walking almost on each others heels to a clapping soundtrack. The repeated movements make you stare at it like a screensaver where you are reluctant to move the mouse.

Elements: chairs
Titles:“Fase, Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich” “Piano Phase” “Come Out” “Violin Phase” “Clapping Music”
IMG_0001 IMG_0003


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