Audrey Hailes & Royal Osiris Karaoke Ensemble

What I saw last night. Audrey Hailes & Royal Osiris Karaoke Ensemble at Gibney Dance: Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center.IMG_4813 In the first piece two men painted gold have a drink, shake hands and then sit down to recite over instructional videos on meditation and attracting women. This is juxtaposed with a video of Elliot Rodger who complains about his lack of success with women before he goes on a killing spree.

In the second piece a woman sings while lying on the floor holding a stool up with her feet. She is joined by two other women and they play patty cake and move around a bit.

Elements: video, jagermeister, talking, bells, stool, singing
Title:“The Art of Luv (Part 1)”  by Royal Osiris Karaoke Ensemble “Death Made Love to My Feet” by Audrey Hailes
IMG_0001IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0004


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