Ballet West

What I saw last night. Ballet West at the Joyce Theater. The first dance had various combinations of mostly couples interacting in mysterious ways. The second dance had two couples with women in silver hot pants posing emphatically. The third dance had a man and two women. First the women would kiss in front of the man and then text each other. Next the man would kiss one of the women and later end up with the other. This continued in an office setting and an apartment until they finally all ended up together. The last piece was based on the Shirley Jackson story  “The Lottery”. There was much happy dancing in a fenced in area and then a ton of rocks falls from the ceiling onto one of the dancers. I forgot to take a picture last night.

Elements: office, tennis rackets, cell phones, rocks, fences etc.
Titles: “The Sixth Beauty” “Presto” “Games” “The Lottery”
IMG_5147 IMG_5148 IMG_5149 IMG_5150 IMG_5151


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